Volume 1
  • A Poker Book with a proven wining system
  • Learn to master odds, outs and the math of no limit holdem
  • Post-flop betting strategies
  • applicable to full ring and 6max NL holdem poker.
  • Available by Instant download

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Volume 2
  • More post-flop betting strategies
  • Playing out of position
  • How to analyze complex poker situations
  • No Limit Holdem Player dependent adjustments
  • Available by Instant Download

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Volume 1&2
  • A complete copy of Volume 1
  • A complete copy of Volume 2
  • Free Holdem Manager HUD
  • Free Poker Tracker 3 HUD
  • Complete Poker Books available today by Instant Download

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Poker by the Book Excerpts


Poker Book 1


Poker Book 2


About Author

authorJohn Anhalt is a professional poker player, and founder of Ace Poker Solutions LLC. John has produced over 150 educational videos on the game of poker, written two books on poker theory, is the founder of, and is the original creator of Leak Buster and Ace Poker Drills poker software.

John has been well regarded for his insight into how to adapt people's overall


"I decided to re-focus on my fundamentals since I knew I was a good poker player, but needed to build a better foundation. This poker book did that and more for me, and I'm incredibly happy I found it."

"I have bought and read many poker books and the problem I find is none of them are related to the games I play. Their advice might be ok in a home game or a live game in a casino but it is often not always relevant to online games. If you play online no limit holdem this poker book system is for you."

S. Jones